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May 17, 2014

Yeah, it’s pretty funny.  Vulgar, obscene bromance gone sour.

I wish they had built the bromance a little more, Seth Rogan and Zac Efron have some really funny scenes.  I bet they had a blast making this movie!

The baby is adorable and funniest part of the movie is during the credits at the end where they dress her up like different characters from TV and movies.

I’d like to see Zac Efron in an Animal House/Van Wilder type of role…

It’s not say, Old School funny but definitely Hangover 3 funny.

Rose Byrne makes Seth Rogan tolerable for stretches in the film, which is nice.  There’s only so much Seth Rogan I can handle before I stop even listening to the jokes.

Ike Barinholtz is good as the couples weirdo buddy they enlist in their campaign against the frat.  Any MAD TV folks out there will recognize him.  I didn’t know that until I IMDB’ed him.  Then I was like, ah yeah.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse was one of the random frat dudes.  I was hoping to see him do something.  But no.  Assjuice stole his thunder.

It’s rated R and you should expect lots of low brow humor, profanity and even a dildo fight.  But you already know that if you’re going to see a Seth Rogan film.  Unless you’re a little old couple just comes and watches movies sometimes randomly.  Then you’re gonna walk out.

Lots of drugs and booze.

Dave Franco also is in here.



The Lego Movie.

February 12, 2014

I laughed out loud several times.

I nearly teared up a couple times.

It’s pretty much as awesome as the Lego video games.

The 3D is actually pretty cool ’cause the whole thing is really built out of Lego’s.  Well, computer generated to look like Lego’s anyway.  They do look like real Lego’s and until now I had no idea how vast was the Lego universe.

Everything is made out of Lego’s.  All the characters have appeared in Lego sets including Batman, Superman, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, “1980 something space guy”.  It’s ridiculous.

Take the kids, it’s a fun time everyone will enjoy.

The tagline really sums up what the movie is about.  “A story of a nobody who saves everybody.”

Easily one of  the best 3D presentations I can recall.  Everything looks like a real damn Lego.

This one’s worth a Large Popcorn and Soda.


Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Will Ferrell and Morgan Freeman.


This is the End.

June 12, 2013

Alright, this was pretty damn funny.

Rude, crude and lewd, yes.  But I found myself laughing through most of the movie.

There are worse places to be stuck during the apocolypse than Jame Franco’s place with Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson.  For example, Michael Cera’s.

Who by the way was freaking hilarious!

There’s not really much else to say about this film other than if you like any of these dudes and don’t mind dick jokes, bad language and outrageous comedy, go see it.

Danny McBride has some of the best lines.

Seth Rogen is the most tolerable I’ve seen him since Super Bad.

Jay is a bit of a pussy, but someone’s gotta be.

Craig Robinson cracks me up.

Hermione steals all their shit.

It’s just damn funny.  Typically I’m not a fan of most low brow humor but what can I say?  I just kinda relate to these dudes.

Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen are real life friends from way back Canada days and they even made a short film called Jay and Seth Versus the Apocolypse (2007) and I can really see these guys as junior high friends goofing off in the back of English class daydreaming this stuff up.  Then later when they are rich movie stars they invite their friends along and make the damn thing.

Whatever your high is, get it on, pick up some m and m’s for your pocket and go for a large popcorn to share with your friends.  Turn off the cell phones and make a night of it.

Oh, I nearly peed myself when Channing Tatum shows up!

adam sandler vs. jim carrey

April 2, 2013

so i just picked up an adam sander/jim carrey four pack dvd for ten bucks at the local wal-mart.  regardless of personal feelings about wal-mart, i’ll drop 2.50 a movie for billy madison, happy gilmore, liar liar and bruce almighty.

if for nothing else, party situations.  you can put one of those flicks on in the back ground and people are going to laugh and the shit they see on screen.  there are some really funny scenes in all four of those movies even if you don’t like them.

but i do like them.  and i’ve decided i prefer the adam sandler films both better than either jim carrey film.  perhaps that’s not a fair sampling as happy gilmore and billy madison are my two favorite adam sandler films.  in addition to grandma’s boy, which is without a doubt my favorite adam sandler film of all time.  and he doesn’t even appear in the film.  which is maybe why it’s my favorite….

but anyway, i don’t think either one of liar liar or bruce almighty is near jim carrey’s best.  they are both pretty much him acting like an asshole the whole time, then all of a sudden, ok,  your antics are enough we like you now.  you can be the hero now.  i mean, really.

although bruce almighty has also jennifer anniston and morgan freeman.  so it gets the nod of the better of the two carrey films.  those are both two very strong character actors i don’t care who you are.

liar liar is i don’t know.  just because you can’t lie doesn’t mean you have to say the most asinine bullshit that comes to your mind.  it was a bit over the top for me.  and it’s hard to believe i’m saying that.  i’m sure at one time i loved that stuff.  but i don’t know.

my favorite jim carrey movie is probably the mask.  which might be some of the most asinine shit ever.  and i love it.  fell in love with cameron diaz during that movie.  and always will be.  my oh my.  arguably the best red dress in cinema history.  as a matter of fact, i hardly recall jim carrey from that movie at all.  because anyone with a brain knows jim carrey’s best film is once bitten.  where he is slowly seduced, and sucked dry, by lauren freakin’ hutton.  let’s be serious, who wouldn’t let themselves be slowly seduced, and sucked dry by lauren hutton?

either way, these four movies in total are worth ten bucks for sure.  even valued at 2.50 each, well worth it.  and also easily traded for more crappy movies later.  but i think just for happy gilmore it’s worth keeping around.  and i laugh out loud every time i even think, “stop looking at me swan!”  in fact i’m laughing in my chair as i type.

and if you don’t know what i’m talking about, stop what you are doing and go watch billy madison right now.  hilarious stuff.  ridiculous, yes.  ridiculous and hilarious.

get him to the greek.

June 4, 2010

this film is a bunch of really funny episodes strung together with bad, forced dialog.  but the funny parts are really funny.  i laughed out loud at least three times.

it’s not as good as forgetting sarah marshall.  there may be some individual scenes that are funnier than any of the individual scenes in sarah marshall, but overall not as good.  the transitions from funny scene to funny scene were really bad in most cases.  and a lot of times they kinda said the same things twice.  once trying to be funny, and once trying to move the story along.

it is rather raunchy and it never strays too far away from the central theme of sex jokes and well, just sex in general.  i don’t think it’s quite a record for number of times they use the “F” word, but it’s got to be close.    don’t let your parrot watch it.  or your kids for that matter.  not even entirely suitable for teenagers of any age.  i almost think they need to come up with a new rated for 21 year olds.  but whatever.

get him to the greek is dirty.  and funny.  so if that’s yer thing, hop to it.  i think there are some vague anti drug things they are trying to say but it’s pretty much covered up by all the drug and alcohol and sex abuse they throw in for cheap laughs.

hot tub time machine.

March 25, 2010

dude, this film is hilarious.  not quite the hangover hilarious, but pretty freaking hilarious.  especially for people in my age range that remember john cusack from his classic 80’s films like one crazy summer and better off dead.  there’s even someone yells “gimme my two dollars!”  classic.

these three old high school buddies and one doughy teenager go back in time to a date that is significant to them.  one guy dumps his girl, another gets in a fight and one sings on stage with his band.  and they have to try and do everything the exact same as they did back then otherwise jack up the whole space time continuum.  or something.

who cares, it’s funny.  the trailers are funny, the movie is funny.  go see it this weekend.

4 bong hits out of 5.

stars john cusack, rob corddry, craig robinson and clark duke.


October 1, 2009

this is the movie to see this weekend.  period.  they give it to ya right off the bat.

it’s a touching love story set to the back drop of blood spattered, zombie ravaged america.

you hear metallica blasting as you see people running from zombies and zombies getting their heads smashed in.  it’s freaking awesome!

and i mean it.  they kick you right in the funny bone from the get go.  i expected this thing to be funny, but holy crap man, i almost laughed out of my seat.

it stars jesse eisenburg, who i like to call a bargain basement michael cera.  he’s all alone and has a list of ways to stay safe in zombieland.  number one is cardio.  the first ones to go were the fatties, mr. eisenburg flatly tells you as you see this big fat dude get run down by a zombie.  and his list goes on to include such things as fasten your seatbelt.  at which point you see him crash his car and a zombie that was hiding in his back seat go flying though the windshield.

check the back seat is quickly added to his list.

he comes across another survivor, woody harrelson who is driving a pimped out black escalade with the number 3 written on the side of it.  freaking classic.  the two team up and go about their zombie smashing business until they run into the girls. emma stone and abigail breslin.  comedy and splattered zombie brains ensue.

this is by far the best zombie movie since shaun of the dead.  it might be funnier even than shaun of the dead.  but who knows, with out shaun of the dead this movie probably never gets made.  so we’ll just put the two of them on a pedestal as the best zombie movies ever.

go see it.  it opens at midnight tonight.  unless you are squeamish about splattering zombie skulls.  then you might want to check out toy story one and two in 3D.

i’ll most def purchase zombieland when it is released on dvd.  this might be a day of release purchase.  it’s that freaking good.

oh, did i mention bill murray has a cameo?  what else do you need?


September 4, 2009

i enjoyed this flick.  i’ve been a fan of jason bateman since way back teen wolf too days.  and i’ve been a fan of mike judge since beavis and butthead.  and mila kunis, well, i’m just in love with her.  she’s got that damn cute look about her.  and it fits her great in this role.  j.k. simmons is also in this film and he’s become one of my favorites lately as well.

i think one of the reasons king of the hill has been on so long is mike judge has a keen eye for the human condition.  people easily relate to what he’s saying.  a lot of us feel and act the same way as his characters.  and we all know people who do if we don’t.

office space was a home run.  no doubt about it.  for anyone who’s ever worked in an office, office space is must own dvd material.  when i first say idiocracy i didn’t really like it that much.  but i watched it again.  being a mike judge fan i figured i’d give him the benefit of the doubt.  and it grew on me.  i’d call it a ground rule double today.  and extract is much more accessible than idiocracy.  i call this one a sacrifice fly.  he doesn’t get it out of the park, but a run scores.

i’d also like to add that kristin wiig has never looked hotter.  she plays jason bateman’s wife and the main part of the story is about thier relationship.  the opening scenes talk about how bateman’s character and his wife don’t get it on any more.  and i thought this film did a good job of showing how things like that can happen between two people who do love each other.  but work gets in the way, monotony gets in the way, things are taken for granted and it’s easy to see how relationships can and do suffer.  it’s an interesting character study as well as a comedy.  and that’s what makes mike judge great.

ben affleck does his best job as the stoner/druggy bartending pal of bateman.  and i say he does his best because in the scenes it looks like he really is stoned, he’s pretty good.  ah, he’s actually pretty good all around in this one.  not a role we see him in very often, but i guess all it takes to play a stoner is to just get stoned and deliver your lines.  my only grip is the dude that plays the big super stoner with giant graffix bong does not act like any stoner i’ve ever met.  dude is way overly aggressive.  i mean, sure stoners have mood swings like this guy, but damn.  maybe they left out the part about him having roid rage.

i didn’t get a chance to screen gamer, the other big movie out this weekend.  well, i suppose all about steve with sandra bullock and the guy from hangover will be the big movie this weekend.  i didn’t screen that one either.  but i’ll post on those when i get the chance.  all i can say is you won’t be disappointed if you see extract this weekend.

land of the lost.

June 4, 2009

thank you will ferrell.  thank you.  i never watched the old campy tv show, land of the lost, but i’m pretty sure this movie does a good job of making fun of it.  the sets look like a bad star trek episode as well as the lizard men costumes.  so it’s obviously a film that isn’t meant to be taken seriously.  like any movie with will ferrell is to be taken seriously.

i laughed out loud several times.  there’s really not much else i can say about this movie other than go see it and you’ll laugh so hard you might pee your pants if you’ve been doing too much drinking before hand.  stoned or sober, this is a funny movie.

to compare will ferrell comedies is like comparing davinci masterpeices.  you just can’t do it.  you may like some better than others but they are all works of art. 

i’m not including old school in my comparisons because i think old school belongs in a class all by it’s little self.  an iconic film to be remembered for ages to come.  preserved in the pantheon on cinema history.  so having taken old school out of the equation, i’m calling talladega nights and anchorman his two best films.  and i’m putting land of the lost right in between them.  it will be an essential part of my dvd collection when it comes out.  i’ll of course wait until it’s used at blockbuster, but i’ll buy it.

four overly hot supporting actresses that would never look twice at a guy like will ferrell if he wasn’t will ferrell out of five.

observe and report.

April 14, 2009

just not that damn funny.  when the best line in the movie is, “fuck you, ronnie.”  something is amiss.

although that probably was the funniest exchange in the movie.  fuck you ronnie.  that would actually look pretty cool on a t-shirt.  fuck you ronnie with seth rogan’s mug right above it.

if i saw a guy wearing a t-shirt that had seth rogan’s face on it and said, “fuck you, ronnie”, i’d probably laugh harder than i did at anything in this stinker.  maybe i just wasn’t stoned.  i’m starting to think seth rogan movies are only funny if you’re stoned.

which is cool by me.  most things are funnier when you’re stoned.

but pass on this flick.  i’m thinking it wasn’t even as funny as paul blart.  because it’s basically the same film except the say “fuck you, ronnie” alot.  there are some funny moments where i chuckled out loud.  i just can’t remember them fifteen minutes after walking out of the theater.

amy smart has a kicking little body though.  that’s cool to watch.  and i’m really hoping they did a piss poor botox job on her lips on purpose.  but i bet they didn’t.  she looks terrible in the face.

so yeah.  this movie sucks.  and that’s it.  that’s the rating.  sucks.